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Peace journalism, war and conflict resolution
New York
xi, 373 p.
Introduction: why peace journalism matters / by Richard Keeble, John Tulloch and Florian Zollmann -- Peace journalism: New theoretical perspectives. Non-violence in philosophical and media ethics / Clifford Christians -- Recovering agency for the propaganda model: the implications for reporting war and peace / Oliver Boyd-Barrett -- Peace journalism as political practice: a new, radical look at the theory / Richard Lance Keeble -- Propaganda, war, peace and the media / Jake Lynch -- Peace (or conflict sensitive) journalism: Theory and practice in an international context -- A global standard for reporting conflict and peace / Annabel McGoldrick and Jake Lynch -- When peace journalism and feminist theory join forces: A Swedish case study -- / Agneta Söderberg Jacobson -- Crossing borders: the global influence of indigenous media / Valerie Alia -- Iraq and Dahr Jamail: war reporting from a peace perspective / Florian Zollmann -- Are you a vulture? reflecting on the ethics and aesthetics of atrocity coverage and its aftermath / Pratap Rughani -- Social networks and the reporting of conflict / Donald Matheson and Stuart Allan -- Building a peace journalists′ network from the ground: the Philippine experience / Jean Lee C. Patindol -- Peace journalism in practice, Peace News: for non-violent revolution / Milan Rai -- mediating peace? military radio in the Balkans and Afghanistan / Sarah Maltby -- Peace journalism′s critique: transforming the mainstream. Conflict gives us identity: Media and the "Cyprus problem" / Susan Dente Ross and Sevda Alankus -- The Peace Counts project: a promoter of real change or mere idealism? / Marlis Prinzing -- Conscience and the press: newspaper treatment of pacifists and conscientious objectors 1939-40 / John Tulloch -- War as peace: te Canadian media in Afghanistan / James Winter -- Normalising the unthinkable: the media′s role in mass killing / David Edwards -- US coverage of conflict and the media attention cycle / Stephan Russ-Mohl -- Perspectives on conflict resolution and journalistic training / Rukhsana Aslam -- Afterword / by Jeffery Klaehn.
10-Conflicts-E 2010

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