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Report on a strategic approach to research publishing in South Africa
168 p.
"Commissioned by the Department of Science and Technology of the government of South Africa, this is a major study of the present state of research publishing policy and practice in South Africa. The goal of the six-chapter report is to help to "develop and maintain a robust national system of innovation that contributes materially to the sustainable prosperity of all South Africa's people." Individual chapters cover a bibliometric assessment of South African research publications; a comprehensive analysis of South African research journals; a survey of journal editors' opinions; and an analysis of global e-research trends and their implications for South African research publishing, both in print and online formats. The final chapter sets out conclusions and recommendations for a strategically enhanced role of research publishing in South Africa. It recommends that all stakeholders in the South African research enterprise should each in their own way support local/national research journals that actively seek to be of international quality and are indexed in an internationally recognised, bibliometrically accessible database, through following best-practice in editorial judgment and peer review. Among other main recommendations of the report are: that funds should be allocated from the grants made by the Department of Education for research publication to support scholarly publishing in South Africa; that the Department of Science and Technology should take responsibility for ensuring that Open Access initiatives are promoted to enhance the visibility of all South African research articles and to make them accessible to the entire international research community, including the development of research repositories; and that the Academy of Science of South Africa be mandated to carry out external peer review and associated quality audit of all South African research journals in five-year cycles, and act as a support and quality control body for scholarly publishing." (Hans M. Zell, Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa, 3d ed. 2008, nr. 970)

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