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Editing educational materials: a course for editors in Sub-Saharan Africa
Vancouver (CA)
Washington, DC
"This is an excellent resource for all those keen to acquire editorial skills. It is part of a series of distance learning tools currently being developed by the World Bank′s API in collaboration with the African Publishers Network and partner universities. Each self-learning programme will consist of a CD with examples, exercises, videos, modules for face-to-face training, together with an accompanying manual for self study. This pilot on editorial skills was launched in the summer of 2007 and was trialled in five African countries: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Attractively designed and very user-friendly, the CD consists of a Course Guide: Getting Started; Module 1: Planning and Organizing Textbooks; Module 2: Language Editing; and Module 3: Copy Editing and Design, plus a manual in pdf format Editing Educational Materials: A Manual for Editors in Africa. The manual is designed to provide learners with practical guidance in the work and business of editing, whether they are currently a textbook editor, or are considering working in the field. It provides an overview of the editing processes and a basic understanding of the different roles involved, and offers guidance on the business practices involved in editing and publishing. It is divided into five major sections: (i) Book production in brief: An overview of the publication process; (ii) Organization: Time management, file management, project management; (iii) Development of a publisher's list: Identifying potential publications, working with authors in development; (iv) Communication with authors and others: Letters and contracts; and (v) Manuscript preparation: Quality control in the manuscript preparation process. A series of helpful appendices are included: sample letters – between publishers and prospective authors, publishers and ministry of education officials, correspondence with series editors, etc. – sample contracts, and a model letter of agreement." (Hans M. Zell, Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa, 3d ed. 2008, nr. 2453)

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