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Global Media and Communication, vol. 6, nr. 3. Special issue: 'Chindia' and global communication
Los Angeles et al.
Bella Mody: Towards contextually-grounded comparative scholarship -- Joe Straubhaar: Chindia in the context of emerging cultural and media powers -- Michael Curtin: Comparing media capitals: Hong Kong and Mumbai -- Liang Zheng: Neo-colonialism, ideology or just business? China′s perception of Africa -- Yudhishthir Raj Isar: ′Chindia′: A cultural project? -- Radhika Parameswaran: The rise of China and India: Promising new teaching and research directions for global media studies -- Ang Peng Hwa: China and India and the ingredients for research success -- Xin Xin: Chindia′s challenge to global communication: A perspective from China -- Stuart Cunningham, Jon Silver, and Elaine Jing Zhao: Chindia: Innovation in online film distribution -- David J. Schaefer and Kavita Karan: Problematizing Chindia: Hybridity and Bollywoodization of popular Indian cinema in global film flows -- Wendy Su: New strategies of China′s film industry as soft power -- Li Huiqun: Opportunities and challenges of globalization for the Chinese film industry -- Vibodh Parthasarathi: Deciphering Chindia: Two accents of media governance -- Elizabeth C. Hanson and Yu Zheng: Foreign direct investment policies in Chindia′s digital media -- Oliver Boyd-Barrett: Assessing the prospects for an Asian re-configuration of the global news order -- Nikhil Moro and Debashis Aikat: Chindia′s newspaper boom: Identifying sustainable business models -- Shakuntala Rao: How to solve a problem like His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama? Studying Indian media coverage and journalists′ perception of China and India′s evolving relationship -- Hu Zhengrong and Lei Zhang: Dragon and Elephant: Who will win?: Chindia in the Chinese netizen′s view -- Prasun Sonwalkar: Border disorder: Threat, distrust and ′othering′ in Indian journalism -- Mei Wu: Debating China-India relations on the internet: Netizens′ dialogue for constructive international politics.

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