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Mass communication, culture and society in West Africa
329 p.
"A collection of 26 papers, about two-thirds of which are by West Africans, designed to put the development of mass communication into a cultural and historical overview of the development of the region, which includes Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Senegal. Among the subjects are ownership and control, the New World Information and Communication Order, cultural programs and language use in the media, professionalism, information diffusion, media use, and the trend of mass communication research. Among the essays is an extensive bibliographic essay containing several hundred items. Each article contains references." (Eleanor Blum, Frances G. Wilhoit: Mass media bibliography. 3rd ed. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1990 Nr. 438)
Part I: The History and Development of Mass Communication. 1. Developing new perspectives on West African media history / Frank Okwu Ugboajah -- 2. The historical development ofthe Nigerian press / Idowu A. Sobowale -- 3. The media System of Liberia / Jerome Zack Boikaii III -- 4. Press ownership and control in Nigeria / David Omazo Edeani -- 5. Economic factors in the development of mass communication in Nigeria / P. O. Elegalem -- 6. International cooperation in the development of West African mass media / Harlod A. Fisher -- Part II: Cultural Programmes and Language Use in the Media. 7. Inspirational cultural symbols in nation—building / Frank Okwu Ugboajah -- 8. Broadcast music in Nigeria and Liberia: a comparative note / Michael R. Real -- 9. Television drama in Nigeria: a critical assessment / Theo Vincent -- 10. Masquerade and other plays on Nigerian television / O.O. Oreh -- Pidgin in Ghana: a theoretical consideration of its origin and development / A.B.K. Dadzie -- 12. A sociolinguistic typology of language contact in Nigeria: the role of translation / C.M.B. Brann -- 13. Translating in the Nigerian mass media: a sociolinguistic study / Ekundayo Simpson -- 14. Educational television in Ivory Coast / Frans B. Lenglet -- 15. ′Oramedia′ in Africa / Frank Okwu Ugboajah -- Part III: Professionalism, Communication Diffusion and Media Gratification. 16. De-linking the Western professional model / Frank Okwu Ugboajah -- 17. Broadcast professionalism in Senegal / Rita Cruise O'Brien -- 18. Editorial professionalization in the Nigerian mass media / Frank Okwu Ugboajah -- 19. Social dass and newspaper coverage in Ghana / Yaw Twumasi -- 20.Nigerian mass media in social crises / Frank Okwu Ugboajah -- 21. Media habits of Ghanaian youth / Isaac Obeng-Quaidoq -- 22. Diffusion of major crisis information among urban and rural opinion leaders in Nigeria / Luke Uka Uche -- 23. The West African Wire Service of Reuters / Phil Harris -- Part IV: The Trend of Mass Communication Research. 24. Research models and the problems ofcommunication research in West Africa / Frank Okwu Ugboajah -- 25. Mass media in West Africa: a bibliographic essay / Barbara S. Monfils -- 26. Drawing the curtain: policy issues and communication / research in West Africa / Frank Okwu Ugboajah.
100:10-General 1985

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